Why InphoniteVoice?

Save time and money by automatically connecting with your clients via text messages, phone calls, and emails with InphoniteVoice. Our talented team will work directly with you to set up our feature-rich, customizable product just the way you want to ensure the best results for your business. From doctors’ offices to delivery companies and everything in between, InphoniteVoice can be adapted to fit your needs. 


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Appointment Reminders & Recalls

Using InphoniteVoice for appointment reminders will ensure that all of your clients get their reminders they way they want them, with the ability to respond or connect to your office as needed.  

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Getting feedback from your customers about how their appointment went, how they like the latest product, or their overall experience is essential to the success of any business. InphoniteVoice makes it easy for you to ask these questions and track the responses so you can use those results in the best way for your Company.

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Lab Results & Private Messages

Let us automatically send a message when results are available, while also supplying private portal information in order to retrieve those results, or a include private doctor’s message.

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Group Notifications

Preparation is key. If the weather is bad, if you're closed, or if there is an emergency, it is important that people are prepared. InphoniteVoice can send notifications to a large group of people so they can be quickly informed in the event of an emergency.