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Inphonite has updated Inphonite Voice and Art of Chat. This long-awaited update includes even more amazing text messaging features, using artificial intelligence with appointment reminders to understand the intent of your clients’ responses and act accordingly, even if they use colloquialisms.
You can also easily monitor all messaging by accessing the Art of Chat activity. Then, to dig deeper, you can view any specific text thread by locating the person and opening the conversation, right as it is occurring. Additionally, if Art of Chat is asked a question beyond its knowledge, like if your patient needs to reschedule at the last minute, an operator can simply and seamlessly intercept the text, and jump into the conversation to help out straight from the office computer.
On your side, as you can see below, your personal chat stands out from the rest of the computer-responding text, so you can easily keep track of the entire conversation.

The full feature list for this new release is quite long. However, here are the key elements to Art of Chat:

  • AI understanding of conversations via text message
  • Real-time text message monitoring
  • Immediate notifications, when Art of Chat needs an Operator to jump in
  • Start a text from your PC in seconds, or deliver impromptu alerts to groups of patients
  • Conversational Surveys via text, or web
    • Different actions taken based on survey answers (jump to a different questions, ask for details, end survey, etc.)
    • Survey response reports
  • And just for fun: Emoji support! (Your appointment reminders can now be sent with emojis)

Last but not least, we did not forget about InphoniteVoice! We have also added:

  • Delegate user accounts with 4 security levels
  • The ability to create additional users as needed
  • Reports only access
  • Second Admin
  • Immediate cancellation notifications (less no-shows by filling more spots faster)
“By adding these powerful features,” Inphonite’s President said, “we are able to leverage the strength of AI while recognizing the advantages of texting in an even more useful way in order to increase overall efficiency for our customers.”

Contact your Sales Representative to find out more or schedule to see a demo now!

Another successful year has been made memorable by engaging customers such as you! Upon logging in to Art of Chat you will be greeted by the choice between a $5 Amazon, Apple, or Starbucks gift card. Please accept this gesture of our gratitude for your continued support.

Thank you so much. We wish you great success in the New Year.

Best Wishes,

The Inphonite Team