InphoniteVoice Feature of the Month: Premium Texting

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There is nothing as constant as change, and if there is one thing that is always changing it is technology. Technology evolves and finds new ways to make our lives a little more simplistic.  If you think about how far technology has come, you will realize that today’s generation will not remember when sending a text was not an option.  Society has become so accustomed to automatic communication that it changes the way we do so many other things. Automatic communication can be a very handy asset to many.  In-fact, if you have ever missed an appointment you probably wished that you had some way of receiving an automatic reminder prior to the appointment. Well Inphonite is on a mission to help our customers simplify their lives with Premium Texting.

Premium Texting is brand new to our latest version Inphonite Voice. It offers so many new capabilities and features that you will wonder what you did before it was possible. Some of the key features of Premium Texting include; free custom SMS Text Number, Intelligent Text Routing, Build 2-Way applications, TextCards, and Text Messages that can exceed 160 characters Listed below is each feature and a few details on what each one does.

Free Custom SMS Number – A specific number provided just for you for sending your Premium Text Reminders.

Intelligent Text Routing – The ability to determine whether a number is a Landline or Cell Phone. With intelligent text routing, if we determine that a number is a landline we will send a reminder call and if not InphoniteVoice will Text that number.

Build 2-Way Applications – Premium Texting offers the ability to not only send SMS reminders, it also offers the ability to have the recipients reply. You can send and receive SMS replies without it costing a credit for each way.

TextCards – Appointment Reminder Postcards designed and sent via Text. These are highly customizable images that you can add your logo, and provider picture along with any information about the appointment.

Longer Text Message – With basic Text Reminders there was a character limit of 160 characters. Premium Texting has included the ability to have longer messages.  There is no longer a character limit of 160 characters so you can lengthen the message to include all of your important information.

You can learn more about the features of Premium Texting by contacting Inphonite Technical Support. Our Technicians will be happy to assist you in setting up or upgrading to Premium Texting. Contact Support at 1-800-350-7693 to speak with a Technician about Premium Texting. 

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