InphoniteVoice Feature of the Week: InphoniteVoice Data Import


InphoniteVoice Feature of the Week

A key feature of InphoniteVoice is its ability to import data from outside sources. Usually, the source of customer and appointment data is some type of scheduling software. You may also create a comma-delimited (CSV) file to import data by using a tool like MS Excel.

For regular, daily appointment calls, the InphoniteVoice Admin tool can be configured to automate the data import process. An Inphonite Technical Support Engineer will implement this for you during product installation.

On occasion, you may need to deliver emergency notifications or other special messages not included in your daily import. Examples include:

  • Notifications to staff that the office is closed due to extreme weather
  • Notifications to patients of the availability of flu vaccines

Mass notifications like these can be accomplished by importing a CSV file containing customer name and contact information via the Import/Export node on the InphoniteVoice tree. Each time an import is executed automatically, a unique log file is created.

Click on Data Import for a related Wiki article regarding this IVR functionality.

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