InphoniteVoice Feature of the Week: InphoniteVoice’s Enqueue Now

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InphoniteVoice Feature of the Week

nphoniteVoice  normally runs automatically, from the point of importing appointments and contacts to the point of launching a call session. However, there may be times when you need to deliver messages quickly: messages such as emergency notifications that are not generally tied to appointments.

InphoniteVoice allows you to select one or more Contacts and enqueue a message for them using a specified Rule. Selected contacts may be chosen individually from a list, result from a query based on critieria such as Group or Custom Field, or be imported on the fly.

Click on “Enqueue Now,” for a related Wiki article in this very powerful feature.

Next Week’s InphoniteVoice Feature: InphoniteVoice’s Do Not Call List

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