InphoniteVoice is now Art of Chat!


As of September 4th, 2021 InphoniteVoice released a new update including complete product rebranding under the name Art of Chat. All of the same great services will be available under the rebranding, as well as some feature updates including:

  • Multi-factor Authentication: Customers with login access should update their Inphonite accounts immediately to stay inline with current technology and security trends. Additionally, any customers sharing account access should reach out to our Technical Support team to adjust their login settings.
  • Backwards Compatibility: All uploaders, mobile and desktop apps will still work under the existing and new service offerings.
  • Desktop app updates: Newly rebranded, customers will be prompted to install an update to update their security settings.
  • Art of Chat web app: The all new Art of Chat web app works with any modern browser. App includes chat, contact and appointment management, reporting and imports, as well as location and user management.

We hope you are as excited about these updates and branding as we are!


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