InphoniteVoice Feature of the Week: InphoniteVoice Response Telephony Controls

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One of the features of InphoniteVoice is its ability to send messages to clients and receive customized responses from them. This response could be as simple as allowing them to confirm an appointment, or more complex, as in retrieving responses from a survey. Since these responses are customizable, the choices are infinite.

For many InphoniteVoice users, retrieving such information is critical. This functionality allows you to know if a client needs to reschedule an appointment or cancel it altogether. When you know whether a client will be present at their appointment, you can better plan for staffing and manage your work day more effectively.

InphoniteVoice provides four controls used for customizing basic responses to reminder calls received. These controls are theResponse,Goto,Label, andLog Resultcontrols.

Click here for a related Knowledgebase article pertaining to the Response Telephony Controls.

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