InphoniteVoice SaaS Update 2/08/2018

Art of Site

Inphonite’s team of technical engineers have been working endless hours to bring you the best and most secure features for your InphoniteVoice products. See some of the integral updates below:

  • Updated Login Pages – IV will now have the ability to save your login information for easier an faster access

  • Appointment Delivery States – We’ve added additional delivery states in which your messages can be categorized as: not yet attempted, final result pending, completed with user response, and completed by system

  • Appointment Status Sorting – IV will automatically sort appointment types so that the last highest priority result will always be shown

  • Updated Rules and Custom Filters – Added several rules along with additional filtering options for a more customized report experience

  • Increased Speed – All services will be able to process work simultaneously improving delivery times for text and email messages

Hopefully these updates will enhance your overall experience with InphoniteVoice. If you would like to learn more, make sure to Contact Us today!