InphoniteVoice Winter Update

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Inphonite released several new updates this week.

The long asked for ability to run interim reports is now live. This feature allows customers to set up and run a report at any time to help with waitlist management and to receive early results, just after a messaging session. Your morning report can become a secondary follow-up report which will is generated overnight, listing any further changes to the results of that same messaging session. Additionally, you can opt to receive a secondary report, even if there are no changes. This setup will confirm to your team that there were no other appointment updates.


Another update included with this release is our new Premium Voice, which ensures even more confidence in our products by adding the ability to record calls. This feature lets customers hear that their messages got through, allowing for absolutely no doubt regarding the call quality. You will know exactly how much of the call was actually listened to, and the precise response from the person whom answered the phone. Folks that say they never got the call… well, they probably got it, and now with this add-on feature you will know for sure! We encourage you to read our whitepaper to find out more about the laws regarding recording calls in your State.


Record it with Premium Voice.png