AI Powered Virtual Attendant

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Save money and free up your staff members by automatically connecting with your patients via text messages, phone calls, and emails with InphoniteVoice. Use automated messaging a multitude of ways for appointment reminders, birthday messages, survey requests, test results, and more. With robust customization, and a talented team behind it, InphoniteVoice will help you every day. InphoniteVoice can be adapted and implemented for a variety of businesses. From doctor’s offices to delivery companies and everything in between, InphoniteVoice can be adapted to fit your needs. 

The Art of Chat requires no additional hardware other than an existing computer with an internet connection and features a cost-effective flat monthly bundle rate which includes regular technical support.


Art Of Chat

Bi-directional texting service that brings more power to your automated messaging.


Text Cards

Add a personal touch. Send beautiful TextCards with graphics like your picture and logo.


Intelligent Text Routing

Determine if a number is a cellphone or a landline and send the correct message type every time.