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I lived in Vienna, Austria for about 12 months in the late 70s. I loved it! Vienna offered history, art, music, theater, architecture, and great food. Whether I went to see Nureyev dance in Swan Lake at the Vienna Opera House or to watch Bernstein conduct the Vienna Philharmonic, I got there using Vienna Public Transport.

Now, fast forward more than 30 years to 2010. Vienna Public Transport continues to offer access to businesses, shopping, schools, and tourist attractions. Transportation options include light rail, subway, buses, and trams. One-way tickets are available, and passes for unlimited travel can be purchased for just 24 hours or up to a full year. With nightline buses on major routes between the hours of midnight to 5:00 a.m., Vienna Public Transport is available virtually 24 hours a day.

The Vienna Public Transport network also connects to domestic and international destinations. The airport is easily accessible by light rail, train stations are located at key points across the city, and you can even transfer to boats on the Danube River. No wonder that CNN Money recently ranked Vienna as the #1 city to live in.

Who does not want to be on the “right track” to maximum business success? Perhaps it’s no surprise that we believe that customer communications are critical to your success. And that InphoniteVoice is critical to customer communications.

Infinite Connections
InphoniteVoice integrates with hundreds of Scheduling, Practice Management, and EMR solutions.

Many Options
Inphonite’s appointment reminder software offers options to send personalized appointment reminders via email, SMS text, phone calls, or Twitter.

Save Trees
Sending postcard reminders is slow, expensive, and wasteful. With InphoniteVoice, no trees are harmed in the making of appointment reminders.

Buy the Slice or Buy the Pie
Inphonite provides both on-premise solutions and Software as a Service (SaaS), allowing you to pay per delivered message or to buy an on-premise solution and send as many messages as you desire.

Vienna is the world’s most livable city, due in part to its transportation system. Like Vienna Public Transport, InphoniteVoice gets people where they need to be.

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