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According to Seth Godin’s blog, “Every time you interrupt your prospect or consumer, you better ask, “is it important enough…” Most of the time, it’s not. Most of the time, the interruption is a selfish, misguided effort by a committee that doesn’t get it.”

What if you had time to create and send out meaningful messages in a timely and efficient way; messages that prompted your customers or prospects to take action? Outbound IVR through InphoniteVoice allows you to create messages worth sending. Here are five cool ways InphoniteVoice make this possible:

Inphonite Possibilities!

  • You can select what type of message to send, whether it is via phone, email, text or even twitter!
  • You can determine the calling windows when messages will be delivered.
  • If you can’t reach the contact at the primary number, the system will recognize this and try the secondary number next time.
  • You can create messages utilizing the text-to-speech engine, or the library of professionally recorded phrases, or you can record in your own voice, giving your message that personal touch.
  • InphoniteVoice gives you multiple options when sending messages to your contacts, but you can also insert choices for the call recipients, for example, “Press 1 to confirm your appointment; Press 2 to give us two better times to reschedule; Press 3 to leave a message at the tone”. InphoniteVoice also records replies in an inbox so you can hear and review all messages at a convenient time.

User Friendly Message Builder

InphoniteVoice has a user friendly Message Builder where you just drag and drop variables and other telephony elements to create message templates. You never need to use VoiceXML; you simply drag and drop to create your messages. Message Builder even includes sample message templates to show you how it’s done. Now you can focus your creative efforts on targeting the right message to the right audience.

Integration Galore
InphoniteVoice currently integrates with over 400 scheduling applications and the potential of many more. Seamless integration means data from your scheduling application or customer database is imported automatically, without the need to manually upload appointment data each day.

InphoniteVoice delivers comprehensive reporting of call results by provider, patient, message type (phone, text, email, Twitter), option type, appointment, and message recording.

Do Not Call List
This is a cool feature that allows you to flag the people who don’t want to be contacted. You may have some people in your database with appointments that do not want to receive calls. You can flag them as “Do Not Call” in the system and they will never receive a message from you to that phone number.

These are all great capabilities when trying to create powerful and engaging messages to your prospects, staff, or customers for appointment reminders and much more. InphoniteVoice is an efficient way to 1.) Get the message across without having to utilize valuable staff time and 2.) Significantly reduce the number of no shows for your organization, generating hundreds of dollars in previously lost revenue each day.

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Thank you so much. We wish you great success in the New Year.

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The Inphonite Team