New Features for InphoniteVoice SaaS: Save Reports to Dropbox and More!



“Automatically save your reports to Dropbox!”


Hello Everyone, we have some exciting new SaaS updates for you! Maybe not fireworks exciting, but you will definitely be happy with these new features.

You will now have the ability to automatically save your reports to Dropbox! Dropbox is a convenient way to store files online so no more searching through your emails, you can create a folder in Dropbox specifically for your reports and you will have easy access to all of them. You will also be able to deliver multiple same-day messages for patients. For example, you can send a text in the morning, and if they don’t confirm or cancel the appointment within a couple of hours, then you can send a voice message in the afternoon. Lastly, you will also have improved granular rule and campaign management. For instance, there is now an “Or” option when creating a rule which you could use to have the rule apply to multiple providers instead of just one and there is also now a “Not” option that you could use to exclude a specific provider. This allows for more accurate message targeting and a more simplified set up.

If you would like to know more about these updates, or if you are not currently an IV SaaS user and are interested in the platform, please contact us and we would be happy to assist you!