NEW! Inphonite Support Center Software


In order to provide the highest levels of service and transparency to our customers, we recently launched the Inphonite Support Center.

The Inphonite Support Center is a free software application that installs on your computer and allows you to do the following:

  • Create a Tech Support case from your desktop.
  • View the status of your open case(s).
  • View the case notes entered by Inphonite Support Engineers.
  • Add your own notes to a case.
  • Attach documents to a case (e.g., a screen capture of an error message).
  • Mark a case as closed.
  • See the status of any open cases, such as:
  1. Escalated 
  2. Waiting on customer callback
  3. Waiting on Development

Your notes and attachments will be automatically added to Inphonite’s customer database.

In addition to tracking open Tech Support cases, the Inphonite Support Center also allows you to renew your annual software maintenance online. The Inphonite Support Center is available for all InphoniteVoice, ReminderPro, and LabRetriever customers.