Proud Microsoft Partner attends Build 2012




We’ve barely returned from MGMA12 and Inphonite is off and running at the Microsoft Build Conference 2012! (#bldwin)

We arrived to the usual mix of wet Washington weather and stop-and-go traffic with a sense of excitement for the week-long developer’s conference. As we unpacked our suitcases and turned on the hotel room TV set, our thoughts wandered to what lie ahead.

“Would we be able to easily write our applications across several platforms as has been promised? Would Microsoft live up to their hype of helping developers and Partners to build and market products? And perhaps the biggest question on most of our developers’ minds—would we get any cool techy gadgets to keep?”

As a matter of fact, at the Opening Keynote Steve Ballmer said he wants to prove he and Microsoft are “all in” (regarding Windows8) by announcing each attendee will receive 100gb Skydrive storage… oh, and the new Windows Surface tablet. Nice! This could be a definite necessity for our development team to test endlessly, and have some fun with.

Thereafter Nokia came on the scene and gave everyone a Nokia Lumia 920. We are sure to have some happy developers returning from this conference!




Microsoft: this Partner sends our official thanks, particularly from all of our geeks, to you. We can’t wait to see what else is in store for us at this conference.