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If you work with people, InphoniteVoice can help make your life easier. Whether you are sending appointment reminders, deliveries, or marketing campaigns, InphoniteVoice can automate that task for you, saving you both time and money while freeing up staff time for other jobs and still communicating to your clients that you care. In this whitepaper, we discuss how InphoniteVoice is being successfully used by companies of various industries to do these very things.


We are surrounded by appointments from the time we are born. We see doctors, dentists, massage therapists and yoga instructors. We schedule meetings, appliance installations, furniture delivery, repairs, classes, sporting events and haircuts. We go to birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, and play dates. How many appointments do we forget? How many do we remember at the last minute and rush off to, arriving “just a few minutes late?”

Below, several of the aforementioned businesses that already employ the use of InphoniteVoice will be described. No matter what background or industry, automated messaging can help you substantially while increasing revenue and cultivating positive relationships within your business and customer base. You can find your own uses for this powerful, leading edge product in whatever environment you find yourself in. Chances are, you have appointments worth keeping and understand the benefit of being reminded.

Problem Statement

Life is fast paced. Every moment of every day seems to be consumed by different responsibilities. You may not even remember a time when you didn’t have at least one appointment a day, and it doesn’t matter which market you’re in. So much of business revolves around calendared items, you really need a good way to make sure all appointments scheduled are appointments kept. With so many things going on and so many appointments to be remembered, even the most organized and responsible of people need assistance keeping track of everything. No matter how many times we reschedule and say that we won’t forget next time, without the calendared alarm in our smartphones, emails, texts and direct calls from businesses, we often find ourselves forgetting.

Previous Options

Many people still keep paper calendars, in addition to PDAs and email-based calendars. Some have business cards floating around in their wallets or purses with appointments jotted on the back that are easily lost. As a business, you may have a secretary calling to confirm appointments, or you may ‘wing it’ and just show up at your appointment time, only to have the person or persons you were supposed to meet not arrive at all. You could be left waiting, not knowing if they are running late or if they are coming at all. Perhaps you need a reminder for your own appointments. Some appointments are created many months ahead of time and when they come around it is difficult remembering that the appointment was even created. Providing friendly reminders does not have to be an all-day task for receptionists, nor does it have to be seen as a hassle for businesses of any industry.

Inphonite Solution


As an obvious solution to “no-shows” and missed appointments, many hospitals, doctors, and dentist offices already employ InphoniteVoice to send annual
reminder calls for routine shots, check-ups and exams as well as dental cleanings. A psychologist’s office generally loses over $100 for each appointment missed not to mention the difficulty in finding an available time to reschedule. Do the doctors wait for the patient to show up? Do they take the next in line early? General practitioners, pediatricians, specialists, and any number of medical or dental offices can make money by keeping all scheduled appointments.

Not only does revenue improve and increase due to those simple reminders, patients are more content with the care they have been given. The main focus for anyone in the medical industry, and the reason most people get into medicine in the first place, is to make people feel better. Many times this resonates within clinicians on a personal level. In order to provide the top-notch care that people want and have grown to expect, the doctor-patient relationship must be a positive one and the patient must be considered above all. These simple reminders not only help them remember but also show them you are a caring business devoted to quality of care and recognize the value of your patients’ health and happiness.

Furniture Delivery

Inphonite products are also being utilized by furniture delivery companies to remind customers to lock up the dogs and be home for furniture deliveries. What a nuisance it would be if a delivery crew about to deliver finds a house empty upon driving up. Do they go to the next house or return the item to the warehouse and then go to the next location? The gas consumption of the truck, the time it takes to go back and forth, the disappointed customer, and the wasted trip all add up. Not to mention the difficulty of loading and arranging the furniture in a way such that the first customer’s furniture is easily accessible. More time is then spent rearranging the furniture inside the truck when delivering other orders. Customers become upset because they are charged for a second delivery and must wait for the item to be re-delivered. Frustrated customers then think less of the quality of your company regardless of whose fault it was.

Instead, by using InphoniteVoice, homeowners confirm when deliveries happen with all the necessary preparations made already, which makes things go much smoother for everyone.


There is a lot of paperwork that parents need to turn in for most children to go to school: papers that can often be lost between your child’s hands at school and your hands at home. Schools are currently using InphoniteVoice to call and remind families to turn in various missing forms and remind them which day is the first day of the new school year or which are grading days, holidays, and classroom changes.

Additionally, being prepared is essential as emergency situations may arise including natural disasters, fires, gas leaks and “stranger danger” lockdowns. With hundreds to thousands of students attending a school or college, informing the parents or students of emergency situations is a hassle during a stressful time, yet is absolutely important. If a parent is not informed about a potential danger to their child one can expect backlash on a personal or legal level. InphoniteVoice can be programmed to contact parents and students with the touch of a button, minimizing time that could then be devoted to keeping people safe. Messages can be pre-recorded for any situation so the system is ready and so are you. When every second counts and safety is a primary concern, InphoniteVoice is a dependable way to get the job done.


Government agencies are using messaging solutions for Get Out The Vote campaigns, calling party members to remind them to vote for their candidate. Name recognition is a crucial way of getting votes; those who are uneducated about the specific candidates have a tendency to vote for names they recognize, thus making these calls all the more important. Politicians often have hundreds of supporters making these calls when those people could be out promoting the candidates in other ways. InphoniteVoice can make these calls automatically, reminding people to vote and getting the candidate’s name out – a very useful addition to any campaign.

In addition to the Get Out the Vote campaign, many Women, Infants and Children (WIC) programs utilize InphoniteVoice in order to keep an organized system of reminder, check-ups, and follow-up calls. This charitable organization helps people of all ages and trusts that InphoniteVoice will deliver their very important messages.


 Cab companies are using Inphonite to let customers know that a taxi is on its way to them. If the person is unprepared the taxi driver is left sitting and waiting for them, losing valuable business time. If the person never shows up for the scheduled pick-up it costs the company time and gas money, not to mention a wasted trip that could have been filled by another customer. Automated calls informing the customer of their time and exact pickup location is a valuable resource to cab companies because it means fewer missed pick-ups and less wasted gas and time.

Jewelers/ Cash for Gold

Jewelers are using the messaging system to let customers know appraisal status and value of items sent in, as well as when customers can expect a check for that value. Customers can also be reminded about their annual cleanings of wedding rings or other fine jewelry. Jewelers also send out discounts or specials by way of email or calls, getting the message out to hundreds of customers with the click of a button, which, in turn, increases their business and builds business recognition.

Auto Dealers

Car dealers use InphoniteVoice to send out sales-related specials, promotional marketing campaigns, follow-up surveys after purchases or service, and even Happy Birthday messages. Marketing is made a lot easier when thousands of customers can be reached quickly.

Any Service can be made easier with the help of InphoniteVoice


See just how easy tasks can be with completely automated and customizable:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Due for monthly/quarterly service
  • Emergency notifications
  • Pick-up reminders/Instructions
  • Bill collections
  • Marketing/advertising
  • Surveys
  • And more!


All of the industries above are already using Inphonite products for these and many other needs. Some Inphonite users call their customers with Birthday greetings, others have it ready to use during emergency situations. The greatest thing about InphoniteVoice is how many applications it can have. Contact with customers not only helps with the logistics of maintaining good business with high profits, but also reminds customers, partners, patients and contacts simply that they are thought of. It brings back people who otherwise may have gotten lost in the shuffle. Inphonite users have discovered that even automated calls can have a personal touch.

Contact a sales representative to see how you can use your InphoniteVoice today.


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