Restarting the Computer Helps Keep ReminderPro Running Well


In our daily Support activities, we have found that sometimes odd behavior can crop up. Such things might include an inability to record messages, or even open the Message Maker. They could include the program hanging when a call session is generated, or when modifying settings in the System Setup screen within ReminderPro. These things might be easier resolved than they are explained.

Many times, we have found that simply restarting the computer is the solution. ReminderPro works with and manipulates a lot of data. Sometimes, Windows doesn’t manage the information very well, and caches stuff that then interferes with normal program operation. Restarting the computer clears out this stuff and often causes the problem to go away.

As a recommendation, you should restart the computer on which ReminderPro runs weekly, or if you are experiencing problems that are rather odd. You might find that this resolves the problem quickly without your needing to take the time to contact our Support Department for assistance.