Managing Reviews for Medical Practices

The livelihood of medical practices stems from reviews. People want to know that the care they receive from a provider will be effective and delivered in a friendly manner. Most importantly people need to be able to trust their medical care provider. You wouldn’t go to a care provider if you saw a disproportionate number of bad reviews, and you would hesitate to go to a provider if you saw they barely had any reviews.

Art of Chat’s review management tools make it easy to receive positive reviews from satisfied patients. Automated text messages make it simple for patients who had a great experience to let potential new patients know the excellent care you provide.

Dealing with Negative Reviews

Negative reviews can be difficult to overcome. People may be willing to look past a few reviews about lackluster service when they decide to try a new restaurant, but they don’t hold a medical care provider in the same regard. Unfavorable reviews, even if they’re in the minority, can be off-putting to people who are seeking someone to prioritize their health and safety.

Disgruntled former patients or employees, malpractice lawsuits, or public relations mishaps can lead to negative reviews. If Google finds these reviews to be legitimate, they cannot be removed. They can only be buried in positive reviews that will boost your overall star rating and bump negative text past the first page.

Getting Great Reviews is a Multi-Part Process

The first step to getting great reviews is providing great service. Listen to customer feedback and take your negative reviews seriously. Some people will inevitably be impossible to please and may react disproportionately, but this isn’t always the case. There may be a few grains of truth. Take what you’ve learned and apply it to the way you operate your medical practice.

If you’re doing your best to provide amazing patient experiences, your medical practice will succeed as a direct result. Booking and keeping appointments, following up with patients, and requesting reviews will help you manage your reputation and encourage potential new patients to pay you a visit.

Booking and Keeping Appointments

The process of good reviews starts with good appointments. In order to provide a satisfactory experience for a patient, you need to be able to see them. Streamlining your appointments and assuring that everyone arrives on time will assure that the process works seamlessly. People who arrive late can create a negative experience for every person afterward who shows up on time for their appointment.

Art of Chat’s appointment reminder tools automate this process through the use of voice or text messages. Confirmations and reminders can be sent directly to patients. If patients need to reschedule, they can be prompted to call and do so. Reminding your patients assures that they won’t forget their appointments, and encouraging them to reschedule rather than cancelling will maintain your relationship with them.

Following Up With Patients

Following up with patients is just as important as scheduling their appointments and sending them reminders. You need to be sure that every patient leaves your office satisfied with the quality of care they’ve received. If they have aftercare instructions, prescription reminders, or other important information necessary for their care, sending them a follow-up text through Art of Chat will assure that they have access to the information they need.

It will also keep an open dialog. If a patient has any questions or concerns, they can simply text back. Your reply, including any links or resources you attach, will be easy for them to access whenever they need the information. It isn’t on a piece of paper that got stuck between the center console and the car seat. It’s on their phone at all times.

This reduces the chances that the patient will misunderstand their aftercare instructions and feel unclear about what they’re supposed to do. Misunderstandings can easily lead to negative reviews, so avoiding them is crucial. A regular exchange of information can help promote patient wellness and extend their positive experience with you outside of the office.  

Request Reviews

Many people who have great experiences with a medical practice or business don’t think to leave reviews. They show their appreciation by remaining loyal to the establishment or practice, and they may refer friends and family through word of mouth. While this is undoubtedly helpful, it won’t help people searching for practices like yours. Online reviews are the most important outreach tool for potential new patients.

After a successful follow-up, use Art of Chat to conclude the discussion with a request for a review. If the patient is satisfied with the care and communications they’ve received, they’ll likely be happy to provide a review. Including a link to the place where you’d like them to post that review (like your Google business listing or your Facebook page) makes it easy for them to follow through with that request.


Experience the Benefits of Great Reviews

Your office staff work hard to facilitate communication and keep things flowing, but there are only so many hours in a day. Art of Chat streamlines, reminders, follow-up care, and requests for reviews through a simple interface.

This allows them to quickly send patients information needing a response. There’s no need to play phone tag or lose calls due to long hold times when your staff can send and respond to text messages.

Best of all, no one needs to use their personal smartphones. With Art of Chat, your employees can use your office computers for two-way texting from your business line. We will provide your practice with a new texting number.

Your office staff and your patients will be thankful for Art of Chat. Texting makes life a lot easier, and it’s simple for customers to communicate and leave reviews with Art of Chat. Get Art of Chat today to start sending messages and receiving your 5-star reviews.

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