Tech Tip: Decreasing Delay Before Message Playing

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Our Support Department has had some inquiries from users recently about decreasing the delay between a live person answering the phone and the start of the message playing to them. These are setting changes you can make, so I thought I would share.

Before I go through this, I want to point out that the setting is changed differently depending upon the version of ReminderPro being used. If you’re not sure what version you are running, launch ReminderPro and go to Help > About and the version will be shown at the top.

That said, if you are using ReminderPro version 2 or 2008, you would adjust the Live Answer Handling option, located in the Setup screen, under the Other/Advanced tab. Due to the sensitivity of some of the options on that tab, you must press CTRL+F10 to view the options on that page. Also, please be aware that the setting is in milliseconds; our recommendation is to set it to 700.

Now, if you’re using ReminderPro DX with a PIKA telephony card, you would go to the same tab and press CTRL+F10, but you would then click the Voice Board Settings (Advanced)button. Look for the Speech End Time field, and set that to a value between 500 and 3000. Again, this is in milliseconds. So if you want the message to begin immediately after answer, set it to 500.

Finally, a note of caution. It is important to make sure you know what you’re doing when you start changing settings like this. So if you have questions about these settings or something else you stumble upon, please be sure to contact our Support Department for clarification before making any adjustments.

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