Tech Tip: Recording Customized Prompts

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By Kayla Cozzens

We have all received an automated call at one point or another. You may have received an automated call for a doctor visit, dentist appointment, prescription refill, etc. Some of those calls may have been sent using a text-to-speech voice engine. Oftentimes, text-to-speech tends to be too impersonal for customers, leaving patients wanting a more personal message from their Doctor’s office. Inphonite can help you make a personal impact on your patients.

InphoniteVoice offers the ability to record customized prompts. We feature the ability to record any and all types of greetings, messages, appointment instructions, provider information, and so much more. Not only is there a wide array of options for your custom messages, recording for your reminder messages is user friendly.

To record a new custom prompt, click the Voice Prompts node from the tree on the left, then click New Prompt. This will open up a form. Type in a name for the prompt. We recommend making the name descriptive enough that you will know what the prompt represents by the name chosen. It is helpful to use the Notes field to type out what the prompt will say. You can use this as a guide when recording the prompt. At this point, save your prompt. Once the prompt is successfully saved, you now need to record your voice into the prompt. You have three methods of doing this. You can record using a microphone, upload an audio file that plays what you need, or have InphoniteVoice call your phone to allow you to record your message on the fly. Finally, alternately, Inphonite has professional recording services available. With your custom prompt now recorded, you can add the prompt to an existing reminder message. To do this, click the Voice Designer section from the tree on the left in InphoniteVoice, and choose the message where you would like to add the voice recording, or click “New Message” on the toolbar to create a brand new reminder message and follow the Wizard to complete your message.

We hope this Tech Tip has been informative. If you would like to find out more information about customizing your messages, or if you would like to have one of our Technicians walk you through the process, we are here to help. 

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Thank you so much. We wish you great success in the New Year.

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