Technology is on the Rise in the Healthcare Industry

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Healthcare is taking the fundamental baby steps of growth. Cell Phones are fast becoming an essential part of daily life for everyone, from playing the latest games or using various apps to pay for our coffee and groceries, to searching the internet. These mini computers are easy to carry and allow you to have the vast knowledge of the world at your fingertips. Soon, they will be just as important in the healthcare industry. Various telemedicine companies, such as American Well, for instance have the goal of making it easy for doctors to provide care, on demand to patients from a smart phone or tablet, with the ability for those patients to access this care via their own smart phones or tablets.

This goal is already available with some limitations for many products and companies, including several of the largest health insurance agencies. Health insurance companies across the board are considering and becoming more and more prone to actually cover telehealth services for patients. Telehealth is the act of connecting with a doctor electronically via a video chat or phone call for a consultation. This gives the patient an easy way to get connected with a doctor when they are not able to go see their regular physician for whatever reason.  While these “visits” provide convenience and can help patients that need immediate assistance, there are many more factors as to why the telemedicine industry is becoming more popular. Health care insurance companies benefit as well.

Telemedicine doctor visits do not usually cost as much as an Urgent Care or office doctor’s visit, so patients along with health care insurers are paying less for the visits and doctors, can “see” many more people in a day—without the need to wait for the room to be prepped, or wash their hands to name a few time saving factors. Telehealth companies have been using technology to eliminate the need for many of the items that cause high care costs for patients, doctors and insurance companies.

Technology and security advancements are also helping with the rise of telehealth. There have been new advancements that are making at home healthcare easier. One company working toward taking telehealth to the next level is Indiegogo. Their invention, the personal health companion, Pillo, is hoped to be the next step in at-home health care and telemedicine. The makers claim that Pillo will be able to use facial and voice recognition in order to dispense medicine for the user correctly. It will also reorder your medicine so you will not forget to. While these may seem like high advancements, Pillo does not stop at just that. According to their site on Indiegogo, Pillo will also be able to answer health questions and connect you to a doctor via a video conference.

Technology is a very large part of our everyday life, in work and play, and also more recently, health. We clearly can expect that many more facets of our lifestyles will start to be more and more technology driven. I for one, am excited for these new changes and will definitely try a telehealth consult and might even get Pillo. With these new advances, you can bet that security will grow and continue to include more authentication measures, much like our own InphoniteSecure, but hackers will always exist and change can be scary for some. However, with each new generation, I believe, the advances will be tremendous.  Just like how our grandparents didn’t have YouTube or Amazon, it’s hard to comprehend what things our children’s children will have, that we do not. I hope you’re ready as science fiction becomes reality. 

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