Utilize Texting with Patients

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It’s no secret that we are living in the digital age. What was effective 10 years ago is no longer working in terms of patient communication and engagement today. Need help finding the best patient engagement for your practice? Read on to find out some popular ways to make infinite connections with your patients.

Broadcast Information

Whether it is sending updated COVID-19 procedures, post-care instructions, inclement weather closing, or check-in instructions, you can message your patient’s impromptu information with the click of a button. Making sure your patients stay in the know is imperative for a positive experience within your practice.


Hi [patient name], once you have arrived at [clinic name] please remain in your vehicle and reply to this text to be checked in. 

Customer Feedback

Build patient loyalty and increase patient retention through customized surveys. After scheduled appointments, send out conversational surveys via text or through the web to gauge how the appointment went and take any necessary actions right away.

Manage Cancellations

Unfortunately, due to COVID, more people have been canceling or rescheduling their non-essential appointments. To stay in business and give your patients the best experience possible, it’s imperative to get in contact with people who cancel and fill any slots they leave open. Send out available timeslots if your patient is looking to reschedule and immediately text those on a waitlist to alert them of any newly opened appointment slots.  


Hi [patient name] you have opted in to be a part of [clinic name] waitlist. We have an available appointment on [date] at [time]. Would you like to schedule this for your appointment?


Reach out and square away soon due or past-due payments with your patients. With text messages having a 98% open rate, you will have faster payments and more bills paid on time.  


Hi [patient name] you have a past due balance of [amount]. Please go to [portal link]to pay now. To speak to someone about your bill, call [phone number].

Birthday/Holiday Greetings

Let your patients know you care by sending personalized birthday and holiday greeting texts. This helps ensure customer satisfaction and higher retention rates for your practice.


Hi [patient name] your friends here at [clinic name]  wish you a very Happy Birthday! We appreciate doing business with you and hope you have a great day.

Patient communication possibilities are endless with Art of Chat! If you would like to learn more or want find out how Art of Chat can help your practice, contact one of our sales representatives today.

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