Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to InphoniteVoice 2010 R2

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InphoniteVoice 2010 R2 was released today. Here is my top 10 reasons to upgrade to InphoniteVoice 2010 R2 today!

  1. New Reports – R2 features a bunch of new reports, including the new condensed reports, which show only the final status of a call on a single line.
  2. Support Center – The Inphonite Support Center utility is now embedded inside the Admin tool.
  3. Record Using Microphone – You can now attach a microphone to your computer and record voice prompts directly from the client interface.
  4. Improved Admin Interface – The Admin client has been improved and includes an at-a-glace service status, quicker access to the interface monitor, users, accounts, and log files. In addition the Admin client supports an improved database query interface for both InphoniteVoice and the 3rd party application the we interface with on the import side.
  5. Improved Client Interface – The Client interface as been improved with an Outlook panel bar on the left instead of a tree view which can be re-sized. In addition, there have been numerous other small improvement, such as the ability to zoom messages in the message designer.
  6. New Telephony Controls – The message designer has several new controls in the telephony toolbox. The new controls are Save Variable, Capture Digits, Enumerate, If, Message Part, and Authenticate. These new controls allow you to build advanced inbound and outbound IVR applications.
  7. Improved Written Message Support – The email, text and Twitter capabilities of InphoniteVoice have been moved to it’s own folder and enhanced with an improved WYSIWYG editor. The new editor support embedded images, tables, and a preview mode so you can view the message without having to send yourself a test message.
  8. Message Creation Wizard – When you create a new message in R2, the message creation wizard will now appear. This wizard will guide you through the process of creating a new message. In addition to being able to run the wizard during the creation process, you can rerun the wizard at any time to update a prompt or menu option.
  9. Inbound Support – R2 features robust inbound support that allows you to create a lab results call-in system, auto-attendant, or just an information hot-line.
  10. And the number 1 reason to upgrade to InphoniteVoice 2010 R2 is that IT’S FREE! As long as you have an active support contract with Inphonite and you are currently running InphoniteVoice R1, then the R2 upgrade is free.