Top 10 Things Inphonite is Thankful For

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The holidays are fast approaching and like many, we choose to see Thanksgiving as the last moments of serenity before the year-end madness that is about to ensue. We have a potluck and spend time in reflection, revisiting moments of the last year finding pride in things accomplished and memories of laughter, tears or contemplation. There are a lot of “Remember when’s…”

  • Remember when…David passionately held a company meeting out in the rain to discuss his latest product ideas.
  • Remember when…LaMont spent an hour telling everyone in the conference room that though he hadn’t read the books, he was on Team Jacob and how great the latest Twilight movie was.
  • Remember our Anniversary party when Carly and Andie had to sit in a separate section of the restaurant because they were underage and Genny had a heated discussion with the Manager while Christine took pictures of people at the next table over in the same section drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • Remember when…Rick finished lunch before everyone else. Me neither, it hasn’t happened.

All this reminiscing has me thinking. So, this year we asked several Employees what they are thankful for. Without further ado, here are the top 10 things that Inphonite is thankful for:

10. A new dartboard- Even the most dedicated of us enjoy blowing off some steam and bonding over chips and salsa in the break room. 

9. Air Conditioning in the hot Summer months- There were a few sweaty days there, but we survived them.

8. The Keurig- Sometimes a caffeine pick-me-up is just what we all need.

7. The Thai restaurant up the road—Sticky tables, dripping soy sauce bottles and bamboo chopsticks wrapped in paper all beckon like home for impromptu meetings or take-out for quarterly meetings.

6. Technology- Without all the new smart phones, tablets and PCs on the market things would become stagnant. Technology is a conduit to solving problems that people sometimes don’t even know they have.

5. Competitors- We love our competitors. We need to be able to refer people to someone when our product isn’t quite what a potential customer might want. They won’t look us in the face or speak to us at tradeshows, but we love them. Competitors make us work just that much harder.

4. Our products- Our development team is a top-notch group of technical savants that create amazing, cutting edge products, unlike any on the market and for a fraction of the cost. Inphonite products are user friendly and more and more feature-rich every day.

3. Our Partnerships- Working together with like-minded companies to bring the best products to our mutual customers is rewarding in and of itself. Being able to grow those partnerships and watch our companies grow together because of them is absolutely amazing.

2. Our Customers- We truly care about our customers. They teach us so much and offer so many great ideas. We spend time listening to their needs and even hearing about their day. We want to help when their power is out or congratulate them when they become a Grandparent. We celebrate their birthdays or send a sympathy card when something tragic happens. We thank our customers for the homemade cookies, well thought-out letters, and each gift they have given us throughout the year. And sure, I know you may be thinking, “why aren’t customers #1?” The answer is this: because without what comes next, our true #1, we would not have our customers.

1. Our Staff—We are proud of our passionate team. The endless hours of brainstorming new products, implementing features, testing each release, working hard, selling, creative design and dedication can only lead us further down this awesome road together—making connections first with one another and then our customers and finally helping our customers make even more connections. Way to “Pay it Forward!”

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Another successful year has been made memorable by engaging customers such as you! Upon logging in to Art of Chat you will be greeted by the choice between a $5 Amazon, Apple, or Starbucks gift card. Please accept this gesture of our gratitude for your continued support.

Thank you so much. We wish you great success in the New Year.

Best Wishes,

The Inphonite Team