Top 11 New Features in InphoniteVoice 2012 – #4 Speech Recognition

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Speech Recognition: In computer science, Speech Recognition is the translation of spoken words into text. Some speech recognition systems require you to “train” your system to recognize what is being said. Speech recognition is being used more frequently in every industry, including healthcare due to the need for meeting Meaningful Use requirements.

Our latest version of Inphonite software, InphoniteVoice 2012, adds the ability to include voice recognition commands when delivering voice messages. This feature is a convenience to your customers, giving them the option to not only interact with touch tones (“To confirm your appointment, press 1”) but to also interact with their voice (“To confirm your appointment SAY confirm.”)

InphoniteVoice 2012 adds this new capability, and at the same time makes it quite simple to implement. There is no need to create complicated grammar and utterance confusability rules, as InphoniteVoice manages all of this automatically for you, including, for instance, the option to say “yes,” “confirm,” or “one.” Our developers took their time on this feature in order to include most every other thinkable various result. Additionally, if you’d like to add your own results, InphoniteVoice 2012 and your personal Implementation Specialist will help you set that up as well.


To add speech commands to a menu on your own, and at any time, just enter the commands, separated by a semicolon (;) in the speech commands field as shown above and InphoniteVoice will recognize the common words in any one of these 26 different languages:

table for - Top 11 New Features in InphoniteVoice 2012 - #4 Speech Recognition.PNG

By using InphoniteVoice 2012, you will be opening up the decision of communication preferences to your customers and patients, allowing both you and the people you contact most to decide what works best. You can also cater to those persons who speak different languages which, in turn, helps show that you care.

Stay tuned for the next InphoniteVoice 2012 feature – New Message Designer.

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