Top 11 New Features in InphoniteVoice 2012 – #6 New Email Features with Free Delivery

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InphoniteVoice and even our previous product, ReminderPro, have always been able to send email messages. InphoniteVoice 2010 introduced the ability to deliver enhanced email messages that included link-backs that allow clients to confirm or cancel appointments and download ICS/iCalendar information. Those features however, required you to have a public facing implementation of InphoniteVoice installed and configured on your network as well as an SMTP server to deliver those messages. This was a technical challenge for many of our customers, so many of these features were unable to be utilized.

InphoniteVoice 2012 adds the ability to take advantage of all of these features with a super simple configuration. You will no longer be required to set up and maintain a dedicated web server or an SMTP account anymore. All InphoniteVoice 2012 on-premise editions add the ability to have our SaaS platform deliver these email messages. Setting this feature up is quick and easy.

To get started, simply open up the InphoniteVoice Administrator Client and select the check box next to the InphoniteVoice SaaS Integration heading:

After checking the check box it will ask you for a user name and password to create the SaaS account automatically for you. Once enabled, you can head over to the Messaging Service in the InphoniteVoice Administrator Client and select Email tab. Change the Email Deliver Method to InphoniteVoice SaaS and you’re all set. InphoniteVoice will now deliver all email through our SaaS infrastructure. My favorite part of this new feature is that it is completely free for all customers with an active support contract!

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