How to Set up a Virtual Waiting Rooms

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Different times call for different measures. What used to be an experience of walking into the doctor’s office, filling out paperwork, then waiting in a lobby filled with magazines and TV, is no more. The waiting room is one of those steps in the care process that were taken for granted.  

Practices have now shifted their waiting rooms to cars in response to the spread of COVID-19. The purpose is to keep patients out of waiting rooms and lobbies, avoiding contact with others. This not only ensures the health and safety of your patients, but also your staff by keeping the distance. 

Welcome to your car – your new virtual waiting room.  

Below we have included a 5 -Step guide on how to seamlessly shift your practice to a virtual waiting room.

1. Alert your patients ahead of time

Sitting in a waiting room, filled with people can be a deciding factor on whether a person will be getting their routine check-up this year or not. Send a onetime blast message to all your patients alerting them of the changes made to your practice in order to benefit their health. 

2. Lock your doors and post signage outside your practice

Post physical signs at the facility and if possible, in the parking lot to help reinforce the new process, as some may be confused or forget and try to enter the building when not permitted.

3. Send out appointment reminders

Once your patients are aware of the changes, send out a reminder of their upcoming appointment. Here is where you should attach any additional information about the appointment and what the patient should do once they arrive at the facility.  

4. Patient replies to reminder text upon arrival

Upon arrival, the patient responds to the same appointment reminder text they received previously, that they are in the parking lot. The office staff is alerted of the incoming message and can communicate with the patient through the computer.

5. Ready

Once the doctor is ready to see the patient, the staff provides the patient with instructions on when and how to enter the building.

This is a simple solution that uses existing communication that people are familiar with, while keeping them safe. Make sure your practice is evolving with the times utilizing Art of Chat!

Speak to your sales representative today for more information.  

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