When to Use InphoniteVoice for Emergency or Blast Notifications – Unexcused Student Absences


As an office clerk of a local school you have a lot of kids to keep track of. Once the teachers turn in their attendance notes, you need to call all the parents that haven’t already called in and let them know their child is absent. If you reach them, you need to ask if their child is home sick or has a valid excuse for being out. If you don’t reach them, you may need to call another number, or series of numbers and leave several messages.

Imagine this, set up InphoniteVoice to say, “Your child is absent today. If they are ill, we need to know their symptoms, so we can keep the rest of the students safe. To leave a message and confirm they are home ill or explain another reason for an excused absence, please press “1.” If you prefer to speak directly to the attendance clerk, please press “0” now.”

Your attendance duties are done and you can move on to other things.

This concludes my series of posts and ideas of when to use InphoniteVoice for Emergency or Blast Notifications I hope to have shed some light on the amazing capacity and flexibility of a program such as InphoniteVoice.

As stated in an earlier post, I’m sure you can come up with your own scenarios. Unfortunately for this writer’s friends, while I took a break from blogging, a local Tucson neighborhood experienced flooding. How useful might InphoniteVoice have been, if the Neighborhood Association, or City were able to warn our friends to evacuate. With InphoniteVoice as an in-house solution, the power to do so, could have been directly in their hands. And therein, is another scenario. Do you have one?