When to Use InphoniteVoice for Emergency or Blast Notifications

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The truth is, no one wants an emergency to occur. Our lives would be much smoother without them. However, with InphoniteVoice you can rest assured that those people who need to know something important, will be notified and with InphoniteVoice Reports you can have the proof that they were.

Over the next several weeks, I will share scenarios in which an emergency or blast notification system could be needed and used. When I got to thinking about it though, I realized the uses are endless.

If you’re thinking, “I wonder if we could use an emergency notification system for _blank_,” the answer is probably, “Yes!” Read on, and see why.

Let’s say you need to contact a lot of people at once. How do you do it? In the past, depending on the scenario, you may not have had a lot of options on how to contact a lot of people at once.

LAST WEEK, if your office was closed, you or a colleague may have had to rush down to work and put a note on your door saying that you were closed today. Maybe you would have started calling people to tell them that you needed to reschedule appointments. Or, maybe you don’t have time or can’t get to the office, so people will just show up and the door will be locked.

IN THE PAST, if you wanted to send a brief sales announcement, you might have spent hours creating, printing, folding, and mailing a flyer.

A MONTH AGO, if you needed to evacuate a building, business or hotel, you might have had employees calling everyone, one at a time, or running down the halls telling people to evacuate.

AN HOUR AGO, you might have even paid a small fortune for a radio announcement about the bridge outside of town being closed.

NOW, the ideas above belong to yesterday. InphoniteVoice is a reliable, cost-effective solution. Maybe you already know the benefits of InphoniteVoice as a reminder call system, but did you know it can work at high capacity, making multitudes of contacts within a short time?

If you already use InphoniteVoice for your day-to-day reminder calls you’re one of the lucky ones. With InphoniteVoice you can edit your reminder calls from the night before and cancel your appointments with the click of a few buttons, and you don’t even have to be at the office.

If you don’t have InphoniteVoice doing reminder calls, you can still set up and have ready a state-of-the-art emergency notification system for less than the price of most systems out there.

Read through the scenarios in the coming weeks or come up with your own and InphoniteVoice will cater to your needs.

If you don’t have InphoniteVoice or some other emergency notification service, you owe it to yourself to look into getting one. Should an emergency occur, it is well worth it to be prepared.