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A Detailed Look at United States Recording Laws

Often there is good reason to record phone calls. Businesses, the government, and even individuals sometimes want to keep a copy of what is said during a conversation, particularly during heated discussions. These recordings can be used for teaching, reference, troubleshooting and more. However, before you click that red record button it’s important to know, be aware of, and follow the appropriate laws.

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InphoniteVoice: Reaching Out to Your Market

If you work with people, InphoniteVoice can help make your life easier. Whether you are sending appointment reminders, deliveries, or marketing campaigns, InphoniteVoice can automate that task for you, saving you both time and money while freeing up staff time for other jobs and still communicating to your clients that you care. In this whitepaper, we discuss how InphoniteVoice is being successfully used by companies of various industries to do these very things.

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