Why InphoniteVoice SaaS Now Uses Credits Instead of a Monthly Subscription

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The original idea behind InphoniteVoice was to be a simple subscription model.

For example, a person would sign up for a subscription that would have a monthly fee of N dollars a month. That would give the subscriber some number of messages they could send per month. Seems simple enough – but what would happen if the subscriber exceeded their monthly allotment of messages?

Alright, then we will just charge a small overage fee per message after they used up their allotment. Not too bad so far but then we added the capability to transfer calls.

Now calls could easily become very long and we’re paying long distance for two outbound legs. So then we added the concept of minutes for calls that lasted more then 3 minutes would cost an additional 4.9 cents/minute.

So what started as an ultimately simple idea got really complicated really fast.

A monthly bill would need to be broken out into bucket messages, additional messages, and extra minutes. The system would change 5 different monthly subscription rates with different bucket messages for each level. Each level also had different overage costs. Wow, it got complicated.

The new model is significantly more simple – credits.

One credit equals 1 message – delivered. If a message exceeds 3 minutes in length an additional credit will be used. The credits never expire. Credits get cheaper as you buy more of them at once. You don’t get charged for credits you don’t use, as is the case with the subscription model.

Why are credits 3 minutes?

Why not change less per credit and then lower a credit to 1 minute?

A credit includes the overhead of contacting a person. For example, in InphoniteVoice, if you created a rule that tries multiple numbers and if that person is not contacted until the 3rd number that’s still only 1 credit. The 3 minute “clock” does not start until you reached your intended recipient. Our estimates is that you will be able to deliver nearly all of your notifications using a single credit per individual reached. The only time you may need to use multiple credits is when you are utilizing transfer functionality.

There are a few more advantages to using credits. It is now fairly easy to add coupons. In fact – here’s a free coupon for you to try: FREE100. The first 50 to use the coupon will get 100 free additional credits.

Also, every account has the ability to refer other people. If you refer someone then every time they buy credits you will get 10% of their purchase automatically credited to your account as credits.

The new model is now live so go ahead and give it a try. Don’t forget to use your coupon!

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