Art of Chat Update 02/04/2023


This is another great update coming at you from Art of Chat! 


New Reports & SFTP Export:

Featuring two new data sources for the Report Designer!

  • Audit Log Track user log activity.

  • Conversations View all conversational activity between customers and staff 

  • Export SFTP Account holders can save directly to their outbox



New & Exciting feature providing ability to communicate in secure, HIPAA-compliant manner! 

  • Customers chat securely!

  • Choose to include buttons when sending Reminder messages via TextCards or Text messages

  • Automatic notification to the customer of unviewed/pending messages

  • Custom settings available

    Aoc Update Image 1

Chat Improvements:

  • Side panel displays Contact details

  • Chat Heads appear next to chat bubble to identify the speaker

  • Send JPG, PNG & GIF images with paperclip attachment icon

  • Toggle to SecureChat with simple Lock button!

  • New icons on chat bubble to let you know if a message was viewed

  • Easier access to Templates

  • Editable templates with expanded view

  • Ability to create your own Global (for your team) or Private (for you) Templates


Recent Updates Pane:

  • Panel showing all the recent updates

  • Request a Feature button

Thanks for this amazing update! We couldn’t have done it without our amazing development team. We tip our hats to you! 

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